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The “Witching Hour” is Upon Us…..

We are cycling, yet again, into the Dark or the Light (depending on your place in this Wild World.)

It is a time of High Spiritual Festivities and Magical Celebration. It is a time to discover the Truth behind all the masks that you wear. A time to enliven the dark and shadowy aspect of your haunted inner nature, and step boldly away from the ego’s grasp of what truly is possible when you allow yourself to ride on the wings of your own enchantment with a gang of whimsical fairies at your side.

Have you dusted off your witch’s hat? Are your inner demons ready to rise up and ride??? Get your wands and broomsticks ready boys and girls, it’s time to fly!!!! Whether you’re blossoming into Spring time or diving into the depths of winter, cultures across the globe have celebrated October’s End as a Sweet Surrender to Spirit in Celebration of the Other Side. Dressed as ghosts and goblins, we go dancing with dark. The cobwebs of the old weavers are dangling before us now, and Spider is spinning a new thread to guide the Mystics on their way into the Dreamland behind the thinning veil.

How will you greet the Dark Lady and the Mystery? How will you enact the Sage’s Wisdom and the Witches Rites? Remember, it is you who puts the Magic behind the Mask. It is You who decides to hand out candy, or dress like the Devil and Trick or Treat!!! It is You who honors the Dead by being fully ALIVE and enacting your Natural Magic to choose what you want to Be!

What needs to die so the REAL YOU can Live? What needs to be burned away, sliced clean, cut from the core and resurrected from enriched darkened soils complete with compost, juicy slugs and slithering worms? Make your Life a Ritual of Deathly Undertakings. Walk through your inner realms as the Undertaker and decide what will wither and fade, and what will Rise from the Depths and Howl at this Dark Moon.

As You honor Death and Dark, the Light begins to shine in the Unseen Worlds where Imagination tangles with Creation, where Bad can be Good, and Evil is just another flavor to be savored by the flickering flames of a bright grinning pumpkin. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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