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Being in Right Relationship to the Abundance of Life

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is this Saturday, April 30th, 2022 with a partial Solar Eclipse.

This New Moon in Taurus kicks off the beginning of Eclipse Season and is the perfect time to reevaluate your current circumstances in relationship to the Earth and the natural abundance of life. There is ample opportunity with this New Moon to create clear endings and move forward into prosperous new beginnings.

The energy of this New Moon in Taurus combined with the Eclipse Portal has the power to shift our reality when we are open to creating in right relationship with source, and that includes all physical resources. We have an opportunity to realign and redefine the meaning of true wealth, and shift into an embodied frequency of renewed richness.

Taurus is a Feminine Earth sign ruled by Venus and represented by the Bull.

Since ancient times, the Bull has been a symbol for power, strength, fertility, wealth, and prosperity. Because Taurus rules the second house of wealth, we are now being asked to measure where we stand in relationship to it.

This is an ideal time to reflect on what is showing up for you in relationship to home, health, security, physical comforts and pleasures, the foods you eat, your finances, energy, and all forms of pleasure and plentitude.

Wealth comes in so many ways. Beyond money and financial assets, wealth can be expressed in a blooming garden, a radiant glow, a supportive community, a harmonious relationship, having time to just be, having a surplus of energy, attending an inspirational event, dancing the night away, taking a trip, eating out, making art, making love.

Measures of wealth and success are vast and will look different for all of us and having more is something we all strive for. However, what this New Moon in Taurus asks us is to be in right relationship with wealth and the natural abundance of the Earth and the Whole of Creation.

We are encouraged to ground down and deepen into the frequency of the Earth as the Source of all sustenance and sustainability. We are being asked to consider all the ways we may use or misuse the abundance we currently have available to us in relationship to the Infinite All.

Having an abundance of wealth does not always equal being in right relationship with it. For example, we often see people working jobs they hate to maintain a high level of income. There are countless scenarios of people sacrificing their health, happiness, precious time and vital energy just to get by. Meanwhile, the rich and wealthy are leading lifestyles of over-indulgence, addiction, or abuse of power.

We see how easily having more can turn into greed, hoarding, obsession, corruption, and even destruction. We see how power, in relationship to wealth, can turn into manipulation, control, abuse and misuse.

As we move into greater alignment with the natural abundance of life as the source for all fulfillment, we become a channel for wealth to move to us and through us. After all, as children of the Earth we too hold the capacity to create, prosper, blossom, and bloom our own unique richness into the world.

Some important questions to ask yourself as we move into this next cycle with Taurus energy and this Eclipse Portal….

  • How do I experience wealth in my body, home, relationships and work environment?

  • How do I define power? What is my relationship to power?

  • Is my life an expression of abundance and vitality? Why or why not?

  • What needs to shift for me to feel grateful, empowered, and supported?

  • What needs to be released for me to fully open to receive the abundance of this life?

  • How am I giving? How am I receiving?

  • Am I limiting my own wealth? Am I limiting the wealth of others?

  • How can I move into greater alignment with the wealth of the world and let generosity flow to and through me?

  • How can I create more abundance in right relationship to self, other, and the Great All of Everything?

Now is the time to get down to Earth and really feel into what needs to be released for you to truly receive the fullness of wealth that this life has to offer. When we take stock of all the ways we have been blessed by life’s abundance, we begin to realize how much we already have and are able to give.

Let’s begin this New Moon and Eclipse Portal with our heart’s full of gratitude for all we have in this moment and all we wish to create with life moving forward.

May you feel infinitely blessed!

With Abundant Love, Hannah

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