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The Balancing Power of Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is this Saturday, April 16th, 2022, at 2:55 pm EDT.

With the Sun currently in Aries now, this Full Moon carries a potent force for accelerating transformation, growth, and change. This Full Moon in Libra carries an invitation to open your minds beyond the ego’s identity and let the Cosmos in to illuminate any shadows of the false self.

Libra is a masculine sign, ruled by Venus. Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, inspires us to Lead from the Heart and trust in the Divine unfolding of the Great Mystery and our co-creative role within it.

Allow the liberating light codes of Libra to balance the scales between head and heart, dark and light, self and other, love and fear, above and below, time and eternity, life and death, fantasy and reality. You may find yourself in the in-between, walking the edge of possibility as you learn to embody balanced polarity.

This Full Moon in Libra gives us an opportunity to illuminate where we might be out of balance in our own lives, particularly within relationships. Libra brings harmony and balance to all sides of the situation. We are reminded, there is no one without other and Libra keeps the balance between the two. Libra reminds us that life is contradictory and dualistic. And yet, between two opposites, balance can be found.

Libra is related to the Element of Air. Air has a direct relationship with us all.

Air inspires and uplifts, clears away, and shifts the currents. Air teaches us to recognize what is vital and needed in each ever-changing moment to maintain and sustain harmony. It’s a ceaseless dance and Air holds so many secrets to its flow. Just imagine, from each individual breath to the slightest breeze, fiercest winds, tornado, or hurricane. Air is a mover and transformer.

You can utilize the energy of Air by working with the breath and cultivating the powers of the mind. Breathing practices help us clear the mind and focus our intentions.

Now is the perfect time to ask ourselves, where are we on the scales of inner harmony? How can I align my thoughts, speech, and attitude to serve both “me” and “we”? How can I bring greater balance to life in general? How can I create my life in harmony with the world around me?

As you open to a deeper relationship with the Cosmos you may feel a vortex of consciousness spiraling through you igniting new ideas, opportunities, and expanded possibilities for your life. Celebrate this and enjoy the many blessings being activated with this Full Moon in Libra.

Enjoy Your Life. Shine your Light.

Hannah Donkersloot

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