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She is the Moon

As Grandmother Moon dances into her fullness may we see the infinite reflections we create in the world. Like the ocean reflects the stars light and like the moon reflects the sun, may your spirit illuminate mine, and theirs, and may we all shine brighter together. But let us not forget the need to become one with the dark at times, to face the unseen, and to trust the darkness that we are born from again and again, like grandmother moon herself.

Lunar wisdom reflects the cycles of light and dark, life and death, self and other, emptiness and wholeness. Constantly in motion, rhythms and waves surround us and in essence are us. Yet, this is not a great becoming. It is the realization that we already are. We are whole and complete, despite being unseen and one with the darkness at times.

She shows us time, from one cycle to the next.

She shows us space, growing full then waning into crescent.

She shows us movement, with the ebb and flow of life.

She reflects the great fire in the sky,

but not at the expense of her love for the dark and the stars light.

She dances. She is the moon.

Born again and again, her light guides us through the night.

She pulls on the oceans within us, the rivers around us.

Grandmother Moon, I see you and I feel you too.

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