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New Moon Magic

Welcoming this New Moon in Cancer!

Blessed New Beginnings are upon us.

The tide has turned and the time is now to set your intentions and be clear in the visions you hold for your future. Do not be swayed by the collective fears in deciding what potentials are possible. Choose from the Depths of Soul and prepare to Rise with Great Spirit as your guide.

We have been dancing with the Shadow for the last six weeks, journeying through the Eclipse Portal, unifying dual aspects of being and the polarities ready to merge. With each of the three Eclipses, we have transformed the old in preparation for the new. We have seen mass uprising and global crisis, however, the choas of creation can be a great teacher for the willing student ready to grow beyond the knowable.

We have called on the Power of Myth and Legend, Symbols and Spirit, and Universal Energy as the Source for All Love and Healing. Gathering all separate or disowned parts back Home to Self.

Last month, on June 20th, we had a New Moon in Cancer with the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. Marrying Dark and Light, Spirit and Matter, Fire and Flow, Logic and Emotion, Masculine and Feminine. Giving birth to both ourselves and the world anew as one with the whole of Creation.

This second New Moon in Cancer is a cosmic reminder to harness the power of emotion as a tool for growth, healing and empowerment. Be conscious of how thoughts create things. Cultivate clear thinking that inspires positive feelings. Harness your energy as the creative power that it is, don't waste it on worries or woes.

Stay solid in your presence, firm with your boundaries, and aligned with your highest intentions. Like the crab, safe and secure within its armoured shell, your body is your home, a force field with its own magnetic poles and protective barriers.

Keep your heart beating with the rhythms of the Universe, let Love lead the way.

Life will take you where you want to go. Surrender and trust the flow.

With Cosmic Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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