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The Solstice Ring of Fire & Cancer New Moon

Solstice Blessings to You and Yours!

Today, June 2oth, 2020 marks one of the eight High Holy Days of the Year. As we reach the midway point of 2020, the Sun has reached it's high point in the Sky and the Earth's poles have reached their maximum tilt. We simultaneously celebrate the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere.

On this same day, we have the first Solar Eclipse of the decade! Because a Solar Eclipse always appears about two weeks before and/or after a Lunar Eclipse, we have reached the threshold of Eclipsing Power, This is the second eclipse in a Trinity that started with the Full Moon on June 5/6. We are at the peak now, with this Solar Eclipse, and will end with a third Lunar eclipse on July 4/5.

This Solar Eclipse is known as the "Ring of Fire" for the appearance of fire light that forms a ring around the Moon as it partially covers the face of the Sun. From our perspective here on Earth, we are given a glimpse of the potent manifestations that arise from planetary and star alignment. The Sun God and Moon Goddess come together in the Heavens, and through their unity The Ring of Fire is born.

The Sacred Marriage between Sun and Moon opens a portal for us here on Earth. As above, so below! This merging of opposites, making the two one, or unification of the Masculine and Feminine, Fire and Flow, Silver and Gold, has been the Holy Work taught within the Great Mystery Schools of all time. The time is now to create the necessary balance between the fires of our will and efforts (solar energy) with the wisdom of our intuition and emotions (lunar energy.)

On June 21st, just following the Solstice and Eclipse portal, the Moon turns anew in the sign of Cancer. Because the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, the Queen of Night is at home on her throne and the Sun is in her house. Cancer is a water element represented by the Cosmic Crab and represents our emotions, intuition, sensitivity and depth.

We have a lot to learn from this Archetype in preparation for these times. The Crab, a ten legged crustacean, is both armed with pincers and protected with a hard shell. An opportunist that leaves nothing to waste, the Crab is always ready for what life throws at it. Keenly aware of it's ever changing environment, the Crab is quick to move and takes a sideways approach, rather than direct. The Crab is at home wherever it finds itself, both on dry land and within watery worlds.

We would be wise to integrate the Wild Wisdom of the Cosmic Crab at this time. Being adaptable to life's sudden changes, being ready to change directions in a moments notice, staying strong and protected, armed with our own instincts, yet sensitive and aware to changing currents and shifting energy. Honoring our emotions and intuition without being swept away or overcome by them is crucial to our way forward.

One Crab alone can reveal the true strength and might of these cosmic creatures. A vast community of Crabs is beyond powerful! As we move into the new reality we're all facing, may remember the power that comes through our togetherness, unified will and efforts. Finding new ways to be part of the collective uprising, without losing one's sense of Self, is paramount for safety and survival. Creating balance between emotional wisdom and the power of one's will can enable us to move through the Ring of Fire without getting burnt out or lost in the abyss.

Please take sometime during today and tomorrow to Honor your unique journey and to Celebrate all the Blessings in your Life. Create Ceremony for yourself, or be part of one, to unite your Inner Sun & Moon. Get clear on your will and explore new ways of moving towards your goals. Survey your emotions, what may be coming up for you, and healthy options for emotional release and support. Explore the ways you can create your own "shell" to feel safe, solid, strong, and secure while remaining sensitive to life's shifting tides and changing currents.

Call upon the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Earth to guide you! We are never alone, but part of something Cosmic, Wild, and Eternally Free. Remember that and Trust your inner knowing. You are One with the Great Cosmic Mystery. Believe in Infinite Possibility!!!

With Cosmic Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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