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Roots of Love


Roots Grow Deep.

Into the dark they seek the fires of the Inner Earth

Falling for her since before their birth.

Roots growing down carry a flow from above.

Rain from the Heavens, a gift of love.

Roots are on their way, held closely within.

A green stem rises from roots, its love again.

There’s love falling from above.

And love growing from below.

Our Roots are bathed in love,

And deeper in love they grow.

One day root’s stem sprung a leaf,

Which the sun shined upon all the days through.

Then little limbs branched out in all directions,

And a caterpillar cocooned where the leaflet grew.

But beneath the grass and stone and sun,

Beneath it all love grew strong as Roots reached deeper still.

All the days and all the nights were nothing but a dream,

For it was Roots of love growing deep into the Earth that truly held the seam.

It was in this darkness deep below Roots felt the fires within,

A burning pulse of love sent a rhythm up roots stem.

And in the night a bud was born which flowered so beautifully

Just as the newborn butterfly was beginning to stretch her wings.

The dance of roots fed the fires below with the rains from heaven above,

And the butterfly grew with the flower petals,

All this from a gift of love.

So grow your roots straight from your heart and keep them growing deep,

For you too are a gift of love you see,

And all love’s gifts you reap.

Growing Deeper in Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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