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Full Rose Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius blossoms today, Friday, June 5th, 2020.

Known for the ripening of wild fruit and flower, the Full Moon in June has been called the Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, or Mead Moon. However, the rosy pink energy of this Full Moon will be partially eclipsed by the Shadow of the Earth. Once again, we are given the opportunity to fully witness and embrace the Shadow, on multiple levels, as individual and collective wounds rise to the surface in order to heal.

The Moon has always been a Guide. Serving as a Light in the Dark, a Celestial Mirror reflecting back to us the cycles of time and changing seasons. More than just a reference point, the moon yields the power of magnetism, pulling on the waters of life through the cycles of wax and wane. No matter the depth or distance, all waters are one with the lunar rhythms.

In her fullness you may feel your inner tides rise. The emotions alive within you now will be amplified in this light, and intensified by the eclipsing shadows. You may ride the swell of all that is arising, or be consumed by it. Just remember, we are not separate from this influential light, dark, and the shadows in between. We are beckoned into the illumination of all that is and called to act on behalf of the greater good for all beings.

With this Full Moon in Sagittarius, we are invited to venture into the Great Mystery and Live the Truth that sets our Spirit Free.

Sagittarius is represented by the Mythic Centaur, half horse and half human. With bow and arrow raised and ready, taking aim on the quest towards Soul Fulfillment, the Archer is poised for action in any given moment. The Archer is not alone, merged as one with the Horse, she rides fully empowered. Armed with the Bow and Arrow, these sacred tools become literal extensions of her Self.

This Full Rose Moon in Sagittarius invites us to journey into the Mythic realms of our own becoming and know we are not alone. All great leaders of myth and legend had allies. Arthur had Excalibur. Snow White had the Seven Dwarves. Pan had Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys. Beauty had the Beast. Cinderella had her Fairy God Mother. Just as every Rose has her Thorns, we too are supported to rise and charge forward.

Calling on Spirit for guidance, now is the time to use our Spiritual tools and practices, to unite us with Compassionate Guides and the Soul Companions ready and willing to carry us farther than we could ever go alone. Through faith and trust in the Power of Spirit, we connect with forces in the unseen that can give us the courage and strength to overcome any obstacle.

The Great Archer in the Sky asks us to become the Master of Thyself, to practice and perfect our own Self Awareness, Presence, Discernment and Devotion. So we too can be poised and ready in the moment, to take right action aligned with our truth. Not swayed by changing moods or attitudes, but precise in our aim and efforts, acting on purpose, one with our highest vision, dedicated to dreams coming true for ourselves, humanity and all beings.

Because Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, known as the planet of luck, abundance, optimism and positivity, we are blessed as we move forward in the name of love, justice and freedom for all. We are reminded to keep the faith despite uncertainty. We are encouraged to stand in our truth and knowing, despite societies current struggles and obvious challenges.

The world we once knew is in under great change. The old systems have failed many and are dissolving as they should. In the midst of chaos and destruction, love and compassion are leading the way. In spite of outrage and upheaval, unity in the name of justice for all prevails. Remember, chaos is part of the creative process, and each one of us is part of co creating the world we wish to live in.

The fiery energy of transformation is upon us now. The initiation has begun. It is time to live the legend of our lives and become the hero of our own journeys. In this wild adventure called life, we all have a part to play in rewriting the story of humanity. Embrace the Myth that is ready to live through you. Call upon your allies now and ride forward in the direction of unified dreams and the great potentials that exist for planetary healing.

May this Full Rose Moon light the way for the changes we wish to see in the world and in ourselves!

For Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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