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Where are you Growing?


As we settle into November may we honor the challenges of Life.

All life has its tests. From birth to death, life teaches us.

And rather than see hardship or struggle, may we learn from life’s lessons.

We must labor to be born again and again.

We must fall down, fumble and fail, before we can stand up and really go.

Continuously, parts of our selves must die, so other parts may live.

Life transforms us. Life lifts us up and pulls us back down.

And whether we’re headed in the right or wrong direction,

life always leads us where we need to grow.

Like a seed pushing through its seed coat, reaching through the soil,

searching for the light, where would we be without the growing pains of life?

Who are we without our own trials and tribulations?

The challenges of life create us, like the wind keeps a forest strong.

These are the lessons of life and it is up to us how we learn them.

Will we gracefully take on the challenges in life or will we struggle through them?

Will we rise up to meet our own defeat with loving arms and hold ourselves gently?

Or will we shame ourselves and allow the critic, judge, or victim to rule the day?

Sometimes our greatest growth comes from surrender. Letting go.

Not giving up, just allowing. Complete acceptance.

And so it is with NATURA.

NATURA is not a seed any more. She is growing, toiling through the unknown. Pushing through the pavement of possibility, expanding with our awareness, attempting to manifest again and again into this world. We don’t know when or how NATURA will take form, we only know what we are here to offer. With trust and patience we continue to nurture her growth, believing in our creation, even when there’s nothing in life that can guarantee success. We stumble over doubt, uncertainty, and many failed attempts, but we keep our eye on the goal and keep trying, because that’s life and that’s how we grow.

                                                                                   Growing Strong, NATURA

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