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Sun and Star Dancer

Long, long ago, before the Earth had come to be,

Sun was a cosmic dancer, spiraling through eternity.

Now, Sun had many friends’ who spun the galaxy;

Stars, moons and planets, creating destiny.

Sun was a bright spinner, blazing a new path,

lighting up the cosmos, with a fiery rath.

In a moment, out of nowhere, Sun collided with a Star,

their dances took them tumbling, round and round, forever far.

Sun’s fire grew to double, as the two began their fun,

twinkling and twirling, orbiting as one.

Sun had never knew a partner who could dance so beautifully,

And so they revolved together in sparkling unity.

When Sun finally found the balance to pull the energy in,

Star fell through the cosmos, crashing again and again.

Before Sun could rekindle their connection, there was a Super Big Bang.

An explosion of infinite pieces lit up the space through which Star came.

When Star’s dust began to settle it collected to materialize

Into tiny beads of liquid, like tear drops from Sun’s eyes.

It was the magic of the moment that created a new entity,

From the ashes of star-dancer, came the birth of Earth and Sea.

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