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Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon. Staring at me.

Sun and Moon. They’re all I see.

Sun and Moon. Dancing through the galaxy.

Sun and Moon. Lovers for Eternity.

Sun and Moon, birthed a star so bright.

Sun and Moon, they raised and Earthly Sprite.

Spiraling through the atmosphere,

Sun and moon loved their child so dear.

Sun and moon. Sun and moon,

And all the stars above.

Sun and moon sun and moon…

Survive on nothing more than Love.

We are their dream we are their children.

Sun and moon, We’re sun and moon’s stars,

They birthed one and then a million.

And now we’re a shinning zillion.

Star children, from another realm above.

Star children, living on pure Love.

We are all elements, stirred in all directions.

Looking at Ourselves in infinite reflections.

We’re Star Children from Sun and Moon.

Star Children, born from Earth’s womb.

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