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Pisces Full Moon: Reflections of Soul

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

The Full Moon in Pisces is Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 at 12:22am CST.

This Full Moon is all about the Soul and what is needed to Flow Freely in Relationship with Self, Other, and...

All That Is.

It is time to go deep within and allow the Pisces Full Moon Light to reflect what Elements of the Self are ready to be released, embraced, integrated, and made whole.

Pisces strengths of intuition, psychic knowing, emotional sensitivity, boundless imagination, dream power and energetic receptivity are available for our own healing and insight.

This is the work of Surrendering to Spirit. Knowing your past, present, and future Self are Infinite, Eternal, One with Source...And always have been.

We are but little fish within a Cosmic Ocean of ever expanding Consciousness and Universal Flow. May we remember the Soul Self we came here with and surrender to the wild currents that have continuously shaped our world.

We did not come here to fight for freedom or struggle for survival. We came to swim within the Ocean of Infinite Love and Dance with every aspect of Creation.

Pisces is a water sign, symbolized by two fish swimming in seemingly opposite directions. It has been said that these two fish represent the division of Pisce's attention between fantasy and reality. However, past perceptions need not define our current views.

These two fish are dancing together, swimming in circles, creating balance, flowing in harmony, moving as one.

Unifying seemingly opposing energies is the work of our time. We must rise beyond the either/or attitudes of the past and awaken to the all inclusive both/and awareness.

Dark and Light, Black and White, Body and Spirit, Past and Future, Fire and Flow, Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Life and Death, Fantasy and Reality...

With every pair of opposites we must realize that both are needed. One without the other will tip the scales and the precious balance that creates and sustains life.

Being able to integrate "this and that" is vital. We must realize that nothing is seperate. Every aspect of existence belongs and affects the whole.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, Greek God of the Sea, symbolized by Posideon's Trident. This is the realm of Spirituality and Subtle Energy, Feelings and Emotions, the Mystical and Mysterious...

Posideon's Trident is characterized by an upward facing crescent placed above the intersecting cross of matter. This iconic symbol expresses the Unification of Spirit and Matter and the Power that is birthed when two become one.

It's not about opposing forces, but rather the energy that keeps them bound. Between the positive and negative lies the balance point. This is the middle ground, the Sacred Center, the space between that binds all things.

Love. Equality. Freedom. Harmony.

🔹️What is getting in the way?

🔹How can you release it now?

🔹️What needs to be felt, expressed, honored? How can you act on it somehow?

🔹️How can you merge the wisdom of your past with the dreams of your potential future into a fully embodied present? 

🔹️What are you swimming with on the inside? How is that being reflected on the outside? And vice versa.

🔹️What changes can you make to create a sense of balance and harmony? 

🔹️In what way(s) can you free yourself to let go and flow? 

Remember, surrender is not about giving up or sacrificing your dreams. Faith, trust, release, and gentleness are acts of surrender.

Let your Soul lead the way. 

Trust in Spirit. Listen. Pray.

I hope you enjoyed these lunar insights and visionary art. I love receiving feedback so please leave me a comment, ask a question, and feel free to share this.

Wishing you an Awesome Full Moon and Amazing September. Thanks for reading! 

XoXo, Hannah Donkersloot ☄💙☄

Creatress of Natural Mystic Arts

Co-founder of NATURA Journeys

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