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One Home Together Forever

Not long after I started writing this blog I woke from a very disturbing dream. It was after I’d published my second post “Love without Light: Reclaiming the Heart of Darkness.” It was the kind of dream that wakes you from your sleep and lingers through the day. The kind of dream that makes you question and wonder, and ask why?

I was back in my hometown in Naknek, Alaska with my sister and her new baby, behind the wheel of my Dad’s old Toyota land cruiser. My sister held little Sara wrapped up in her arms. I was backing up, checking the rear view mirror, putting on the breaks to slow down. I stopped to shift gears and felt the tires stick, the sink, then sink again about two feet. And then we went under completely. We were swallowed into the Earth in an instant, mud pouring through the cracked window. We panicked. My heart sank, and then softened. Accepting our fate. I pulled them both in close to embrace in love, and then I woke up.

I revisited the dream several times throughout the day and even sent my sister a creepy message. It wasn’t until the evening that I started putting the pieces together from the topics I’d been exploring in my writing: Our Home, the Earth, Darkness, Dream Seeds, Family….Love without Light. That was it. The dark and dread of my dream put me there and I felt it. The three of us in the depths of the Earth’s belly, letting go, embracing only love. We would transform our fate. And now I wonder, what would we become?

One. One Loving Tree.

Home. Where three Birds Fly Free.

Together. We are the Roots and Wings.

Forever. Loving Eternally.

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