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New Moon in Leo

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

It's that time again. Another lunar cycle completes and simultaneously begins. The New Moon in Leo is August 18th, 2020. 

The energy of the Lion encourages us to shine our light in the dark this night. Our courage will be called upon in wild ways. Our creative power will be challenged by the need to dominate the Kingdom of our lives, asking us to lead from the Heart and Roar in the face of fear. 

Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the Sun which gives us the power to create, transform, and destroy. It may feel as though we are walking through the fires of transformation and the initiations needed to test our strength, courage and determination to rise. Use this tempering to your advantage and trust that the wisdom learned will illuminate the way forward. 

As Mother Moon turns to face the Sun in the sign of Leo, we are reminded of the sacredness within true partnership. We are encouraged to remain loyal to love as the ultimate source of Creation. And we are invited to step into our own roles as Powerful Kings and Queens in service to the All. 

We are the Mystery unraveling. Yet, for too long we have been out of balance, favoring the light and the power of the masculine force in the world. We have been taught to fear the dark, avoid the unknown, and dishonor the feminine principle. Examples of this permeate cultures around the world, both within religion and politics, myth and fairytales. 

The Dark Queen, Enchantress, Sorceress, Temptress, Priestess, Wild Woman, Witch. Women of Power. Women with Spiritual Gifts and Authority. Women who balanced the scales in service to their Familiy, Community, Humanity and the Earth. Women of Myth, Magic, and Mystery...She is needed Now. 

Not in the way we have been taught to perceive her, but in her rightful place as Majesty and equal Ruler to Life's Throne. Just as the female lioness rules a pride of lions, women need to take their place as the way showers of life and birth our world anew in harmony and balance. 

With head held high, cast off the shadows and embrace your Royal Nature. Embrace the Fires and Ignite your Courage. We are the leaders of our lives and it is our choice whether we struggle to survive or rise up to thrive. 

Theses Cosmic potentials are available now. Activate your might, know your worth, and be the light within the darkness. Take pride in your journey and the challenges you have overcome, for you are the way to your greatest Freedom. 

With Honor, Hannah Donkersloot

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