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Merging Head & Heart

Updated: May 19, 2020

Is your passion and vision one and the same?

Are we, as individuals, internally divided?

Can we honestly say the totality of our being is aligned and flowing?

Or...are we continuously swayed by changing circumstances, scattered by current events. Conflicted by head and heart, juxtaposed by life...

Is love leading the way?

Or is it fear? Or something else...

How willing are we to release the reins and hand over control...

To surrender and trust...

Deep into the heart of each one of us, where source is the guiding force!

Can we stop chasing and see what comes when we are rooted into ourselves as home?

Can we let life land in an open hand?

Can we pull ourselves together so completely that we become a beacon of wholeness... Burning bright with our own Light.

Flaming with the Truth of Unbridled Desires.

Forever Flying Free.

I invite you to witness yourself more deeply.

Pay attention to the fight, flight, or freeze response within you.

Without judgement, identify what triggers may pull you off course.

See how you may abondon your truth, dreams and desires.

Find the broken pieces. Fill the holes.

Awareness is the first step towards transformation.

Through our own introspection, we create the clarity to face the unknown with confidence. We are no longer defined by percieved limits or obstacles, nor swayed by stories or opinions. Prepare yourself from a place of inner depth and knowing.

For some, this may be the greatest challenge.

We cannot authentically align our hearts and heads without wholeness.

We cannot truly be a beacon of light without being at home in the dark.

The path towards healing lies within.

Merging head and heart, uniting dual aspects of being...this has always been the way towards enlightened states of being.

Creating the balance between fire and flow, push and pull, masculine and feminine, dark and light, give and take, yin and yang. This is a practice.

And yet, it is not always about finding center.

There are times we are meant to go to the edge and beyond.

We are meant to stumble, fall, crash, burn and live to tell the story.

Like a Phoenix Rising, how could we ever evolve without going through the fires of initiation that life presents?

We spiral out beyond our limits and return with new found wisdom, courage, power.

We journey through the labyrinth of time and space and come back transformed.

This is the Alchemy of Soul. This is the Union of Spirit.

We are all on this Journey.

Our spiraling paths unfold in infinite ways from every heart center.

Reorient your compass towards the truth of your potential.

Embrace all of possibility.

Ignite your might and let your light guide the way.

Here for Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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