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Lady of the River

I know a lady of the river, who walks along the banks.

Her feet are bare and heartened from the river walks she takes.

With legs long and limber, and so nimble when we run,

we skip and hop from rock to rock, and in the mud we slide for fun.

She answers all my questions, with a ripple or a wave.

We swim and dance together, and in the waterfalls we bathe.

If you could hear us sing together, how beautiful it would be,

It’s the voice of my mother and sister, when they sing with me.

Her hair is long and silky slick, tied up with the bones from the fish she’s picked.

And in this mane she carries nests, for a humming bird and a frog to rest.

From her heart a lotus looms, and a serpent uncoils within its bloom.

Below her hips the river flows, singing along as it goes…..

And when we float the river, or swim it like a fish,

the current takes us under and together we both wish…

With mouths wide open under water, we bless the river with our song

and our prayer becomes the water as it flows along.

We wish and pray always, that the river will flow free,

with waters true and of brilliant hue, on its journey to the sea.

It’s once we’ve finished praying that we sit and simply be,

the mystery of life flowing around us is our spirituality.

I gaze into the water, and meet my eyes to see,

the Lady of the River staring back at me.

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