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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Full Moon Blessings to you and yours!

Today's Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn completes the last of three eclipses that began with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5th. Today marks the powerful ending and beginning of the Eclipse Trinity Portal coming to a close.

Here on Earth, we have been on a journey of Cosmic proportions. As the Galaxy continues to Spiral, and as the Planets weave their way, the Sun, Moon and Stars continue to guide us.

Through the Dark and beyond the Shadows, we have journeyed deeper into the realms within. Through the Light of our own Awareness, the time is Now for us to truly see ourselves completely.

The past, the present and the future are all here in this moment. Revealing what needs need be felt, expressed, and released in order to birth ourselves and our world anew.

Change and transformation is inevitable, however, conscious change and intentional transformation is why we're here. We have the power to create the world we wish to live in. Each one of us holds our own potentials for the possibilities we dream of.

This Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn is shining Light on the structures and foundations in need of healing and repair. We are reminded once again of merging opposites, and the issues that arise when we don't.

Systems and relationships built on false truths will crumble.The laws of Nature will forever withstand the prejudices of man.

From the one to the the many, opposition will not hold. Duality will dissolve and all separate parts will be made whole.

Capricorn is represented by the Cosmic Goat, which has a tail from the Sea!

As an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn invites us to root into our dreams for the Earth and hold strong to our visions, while remaing flexible and being willing to flow with the unknown. Saturn's lessons may take lifetimes to learn, but the rewards are eternal, bound to our Soul growth and expansion.

We may have to but heads. We may have to swim into the deep end and wait for circumstances to improve. We may have to become something else entirely.

However, by merging head and heart, light and dark, mind and emotion, spirit and matter, masculine and feminine...We become the Unity we long to experience in this world. Only when it is integrated in ourselves, making the two halves whole, shall we see it reflected in the world around us.

And so, in the Light of this Full Moon, as we close this Eclipse portal and prepare to move forward into the unknown, please do your work honestly. Look deeply within, not to judge, but to uncover your own false foundations or belief systems that may oppose the underlying Forces of Love and Unity that we truly are made of.

Bless yourself and the world tonight for we are one.

With Love, Hannah Donkersloot

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