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Crossing over the Threshold

We are on our way!!! With the light of the Moon waxing into fullness on the 10th, and the beginning of eclipse season upon us, it is time to revel in our own magic making here on planet Earth. How are you using your creative powers to transform your world? What are you celebrating, honoring, and giving thanks for in your life?

Our journey continues to unravel now as we venture into the portals of our own creations….

Last month we took our first steps over an imaginary line, literally crossing the threshold beyond the ordinary into the mystical. Stepping over the line, crossing the threshold, symbolized a release of hidden blocks, a clearing away of inner barriers and anything else that got in the way of us realizing our essential truth and innate ability to perceive Nature’s intelligence and the infinite ways the world communicates with us and through us.

We asked you to contemplate how you experienced your journey, by distinguishing the unique way(s) you converse with the Divine via intuitive thoughts, feelings, sounds, symbolic imagery, or an inner knowing. Now, we dive deeper into the meaning of all this.

The idea of “Crossing over the Threshold”, in it’s most simple meaning, is a change from one state of being to another. The “threshold” can be anything from a change in your state of mind, to money in the bank, or conquering false beliefs and limitations. When we decide what the ‘threshold’ is for us, be it lasting fortune and fame, ideal love, radiant health, or ecstatic experience, we have a better understanding of how it might be experienced for us depending on where we’re at in this moment and where we want to be in the next. This brings us back to the importance of knowing your intentions for your journey. You must have a good sense of where you’re headed in order to actually get there.

Crossing over the threshold can happen in several ways and be experienced in various forms. Crossing the threshold can happen through a process we endure, a practice we commit to, a portal we journey through, or a combination of all of these. For example, one endures the process of pregnancy and passes through the portal of giving birth into the state of motherhood. Another may commit to a daily yoga practice to help shift their body-mind consciousness from a place of limiting beliefs and negative thinking to a state of gratitude and complete trust in the Universe. Or, one simply draws a line in the sand and crosses the threshold through a portal of their own creation, as we have done through our previous journey experience. Whatever the case, something has changed and we are thus transformed.

This is the Art of Transformation, Crossing the threshold from sickness to health, from lack to abundance, from doubt to belief, from weakness to strength, from worry to wonder, from stress to comfort, from anger to forgiveness, from fear to love, and from dreams to reality. You get to decide where you want to go and how you want to get there. You get to choose…. Who you want to be. What you want to feel. How you want to change the world and your place within it.

It’s not always as easy as stepping over an imaginary line! Often, we must go through the process and commit to the practice to even discover another way. Or worse, we have a series of unfortunate events such as ill health, major losses, serious accidents, or the like, that painfully push us over the threshold without us consciously choosing. The portals of transformation are infinitely varied and unique to each of our paths. However, we do have the choice to create our own portals, crossing the thresholds of our own choosing, using the gifts of the imaginal realm where anything is possible.

It starts here. It starts now. You choose the way. You are the way.

Your mind is intricately connected to the world around you. Your thoughts and ideas hold their own subtle energetic vibrations, not just within your head, but within the universe. Everything is energy, as they say, and thoughts create things. So, if we imagine ourselves crossing the threshold from where we are to where we want to be, and then take those actual steps in the world, consciously releasing the blocks and barriers between ourselves and Divinity, then…..we create our own portal into the realm where magic is made and miracles abound. And we too become a portal for the Divine to be embodied and expressed through us!

We are all co-creators in collaboration with the Universe on this journey called Life. Each one of us serves as a portal into a unique existence, a creative soul, a child of the Earth. NATURA Journeys offer the opportunity to dive deep into the exploration of ancient shamanic and yogic arts as powerful tools for transformation, both for ourselves and our world while enjoying legendary, exotic destinations and awesome travel adventures.  We invite you to venture with us into the wild realms of spirit and beyond.

We would love to hear your experience! You are invited to be a part of our brand new NATURA Journeys Facebook Group, a place to share, explore, celebrate, and co-create a supportive community for all!

What threshold are you currently aware of crossing over towards your own transformation?

How will you use the process, practice, or portal to creatively cross this threshold with grace and ease?

Have you been pushed through the portals of transformation without your choosing? If so, what wisdom was gained thru this experience?

Welcome! Join the Journey, introduce yourself, share your story…..

Crossing the Line, NATURA

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